DirecTV On Demand Offers Over 5,000 Movies and Shows Anytime!

On Demand


DirecTV On Demand is a big step up from Pay Per View. With over 5000 movies, shows and event titles to choose from, you now can NOW watch whatever you want whenever you want to, 24/7 and as easy as one click!


GET 1080P ON DEMAND MOVIES! 1080p is the highest quality format only possible through Video On Demand service or HD Disc Players.

Now you can start a movie anytime instead of waiting for a the right time slot as with Pay Per View movies, PPV shows and events. As for selection, Pay Per View offers a limited number of channels to select from, whereas On Demand Service allows for over 5000 movies on demand, tv shows on demand, events with many different titles to choose from.

To be more specific, there are 4574 permanent titles (at last count) and more being added all the time. There are anywhere from 500-1000 or more titles that change in addition to those permanent titles.

ON DEMAND movie events include On Demand Streaming for HBO On Demand, SHO on Demand, STARZ On Demand and MAX On Demand. TV shows On Demand are also a popular and available selection. There are thousands of TV shows On Demand to choose from!

At the latest estimation, 60-70% of movies available by subscription to these premium movie packs -- ARE AVAILABLE ON DEMAND! THAT MEANS YOU CAN WATCH MOST OF the PREMIUM PROGRAMS BY USING ON DEMAND INSTEAD OF BUYING ALL THE PREMIUM MOVIE CHANNELS! Not everything is FREE On Demand, but you now have the opportunity to select what you want to watch whether Pay Per View or FREE with On Demand!

On Demand Streaming

It is best if you have a internet connection of 2.0 Mbps or faster for best performance. The min. speed you need 750 kbps. If you're not sure how fast your Internet connection is, please check with your Internet service provider, or go to to find out.

How fast you can download and watch VOD depends on your ISP connection. My neighbor/friend has all DirecTV channels including VOD and has gave me a great example of On Demand Streaming. Standard VOD programming can be watched almost instantly after you select to download. HD programming will take longer, 1080p HD programming takes 20-30 minutes for him to download a 1080p movie.

They have about a 6MB download speed which does give them a good size advantage, but I hope it gives you an idea of this works. If you have on the low side a 1MB connection then after selecting to download will be more delay. If it becomes a problem as you watch more and more On Demand Programs, then begin to download programs before you go to sleep, or watch regular TV for 15 minutes or so until the download is complete.

After you pay for On Demand Service or even just a PPV service and record it with your HD-DVR Service, you have 24 hours to watch it before it disappears from your Digital Video Recorder!

New DirecTV Technology!

After you have downloaded a movie or your tv shows on demand, you will soon be able to share that movie with other receivers in your household!

This technology is not mainstream yet, but will sometime this year. You can bet internet download speeds will be faster and file sizes of large HD movies from DirecTV will get smaller and smaller by the end of this year. Soon it will take no time at all to On Demand will become the next big thing, the new IT On Demand.

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