Cable Service when Moving

Cable service when moving into a new home.

As we’ve stated before there are really only three choices for good quality TV service; Dish Network, Directv and Cable TV Service.  The main factors to consider between satellite and cable service when moving into a new home are convenience; location, HD service, phone, whether or not to get a high-speed online service provider.


Whenever I’ve asked people before in the field it seems most people get cable service in their new home because it’s the easiest way to go when you can get all your service on one bill.  You know the installation will go quicker without the added complications of satellite TV because you don’t need a dish.  You just need one wire basically running through the house with splitters for standard cable service.  Dish Network and DirecTV’s advanced satellite dish and receiver system can take more time to setup.  So in conclusion if to just get setup quick, easy and cheap when you’ve got a lot of work going to do Cable is the best choice.


“Location, location, location”.  The largest factor for getting cable service is location.  It’s important to more than any other factor call our line and determine what we can do for you in your location.  More and more communities are getting fiber optic lines infrastructure upgraded to allow for more of what Cable Service does best…bundling services into one bill.  Check with us and see what’s out there.  Thanks!

HD cable service

Fiber Optic or any type of system upgrade may allow for more HD cable service.  Of course you have to have an HD TV or at least plan to get one soon.  Some people I’ve met out there are perfectly happy without HD and some can’t live without it.  It depends on the size of your TV, what you’re used to and other factors.  However if you can bundle enough together your new cable service could have a newly upgraded HD channel lineup for little and sometimes no extra cost!  After Cable service adds to their infrastructure it’s important to get as many possible using it, which means great deals at that time for the customer.  Make sure you’re free to slots switch if the rates go up to high over time and it’s a no brainer!

High speed online service provider

Cable service, as we’ve said before is much better as a high speed online service provider than satellite options such as Wild Blue and Hughes net.  Not only will it be faster but cheaper to.  The difference can be between 10 MB for Cable internet service to 1.5MB for satellite internet.  If you are moving out in the country Cable may not be available or as cost effective as these companies.  For the rest there is Cable service.  Even if you have to get satellite TV for one reason or the next I have known many customers who still use Cable for internet or phone on the side.

One the main reasons for people to stick with Cable Service as opposed to satellite TV, as we flip from stating the most positive attributes of the latter in other areas of the site, is the fact that you can sign up more easily without credit or even a contractual agreement. Basic Cable service is often free and all around just easy to get connected with.  Usually the cable is already ran and if not it’s usually very easy to convert or install anyway.   If you want a lot of free stuff when you sign up like HD equipment, DVR’s or free channels all that may change depending on the season of your service provider.  Overall Cable Service offers the best chance of any service provider to get TV service without credit, contracts or installation issues which may come up.

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